Engineering refractory & high temperature materials

The right selection of refractory and high temperature materials is not a simple matter. The diversity and complexity of product processes demands a constantly critical look at materials and installation techniques.

Thermoheat has the know-how and experience of products and installation techniques necessary for the right design and knows well how to translate this into draughtsmanship and a full set of procedures to guide the installation. Design and construction drawings are produced using ‘state-of-the-art’ drafting computers. We are known for high end quality products custom engineered to fit your process circumstances.

For our passive fire protection systems we can supply you with design and construction drawings.


Engineering capabilities:

  • 2D design with Autocad 
  • 3D Design with Solid Works
  • 3D Thermal Engineering
  • 3D Thermal Calculation
  • Cosmos Works
  • Linear Heat Transfer Calculations
  • Transient Heat Transfer Calculations