SIFCA® is an acronym that stands for Slurry Infiltrated Fiber CAstable.

SIFCA® is a precast refractory composite composed of low cement refractory slurry and stainless steel fiber. It is a combination of up to 16 volume percent stainless steel fibers and any one of six (6) slurry types. Under appropriate conditions, SIFCA® shapes can have a service temperature range up to 1650°C.

General features

The unique characteristics of this product are; thermal shock resistance, impact resistance, compressive strength and refractoriness when compared to steel or cast iron shapes. At elevated operating temperatures, SIFCA® replaces cast iron and steel parts that are oxidizing. SIFCA® is also a direct replacement for conventional precast refractory shapes in structural or support applications. SIFCA® shapes, unlike standard precast shapes, can be bolted to the same structure as the steel or cast iron it is replacing.