Precast Shapes

The use of precast shapes has many advantages. The ready made product can be inspected on quality and dimensions. Thermoheat’s workshop at Middelharnis is well equipped for precasting of shapes up to 10 tonnes of casted weight. We have a wide range of refractory casting materials up to 1870°C.

The materials for precasting shapes include insulating castable up to high density erosion resistant castable, but also specials, like aluminium resistant and siliconcarbide castables are within our standard product range.

Together with sophisticated bonding technics, this enables us to manufacture a well engineered, high quality refractory shape.

Beside casting and vibrocasting we also use ramming mixes. By using different types of moulds we can cast from one shape up to any number you require.

The shapes can be dried out before shipment and are therefore ready to use without the need of delicate initial dryout at startup of the unit.

Also stainless steel fibres in several qualities can be used as reinforcement. Specialties, like steelfibre castables for use as doorlintel in aluminium casting and holding furnace, are available for you. These doorlintels have a very high strength and therefore have a much longer lifetime then Ultra Low Cement casted lintels. We also implement anchors and steelframes if you have the requirement.



Since 2013 we have a special mold-making machine, so we can offer a better delivery time.