Passive fire protection - Firemaster

FireMaster Products and fire protection systems are tested to many international standards and have approvals valid worldwide for Cellulosic, hydrocarbon and jet fire protection. Systems are available for FRP composite, steel and aluminium structural fire protection.
Ultra light weight fire insulation blankets with weight savings of 20% to 30% compared to alternative lightweight solutions.

Our product range for passive fire protection consists of:

  • A30 to H240 systems for offshore and shipbuilding industry. Structural, vessel- and pipe fire protection systems.
  • All these systems are certified by several certifying authorities. Above-mentioned systems are based on Firemaster 607 and Firemaster Marine Plus products.
  • Product Information Sheets are available for all of these materials and systems. These incorporate all the technical details and can be used as the basis for well considered product selection.
  • Our services package includes the design, supply and installation, inspection and supervision of refractory linings and passive fire protection systems. The converting department manufactures all kind of ‘tailor-made’ products such as die cuts, special packings and heat resistant expansion bellows in every kind of design, according to customers’ specification.
  • This means that Thermoheat has a ready-made solution for each problem in every industry. Whether this is the petrochemical and chemical industry, the steel, non-ferrous, cement and ceramics and waste incineration industry or in any passive fire protection market.