Innovation in refractory and passive fire protection

Thermoheat B.V. has been active in refractory, insulation and passive fire protection techniques since 1983. We have grown into a company with a complete package of supplies and services. Quality, safety and professional know-how are still our highest priorities.
With locations in the Netherlands, Portugal and Asia we can provide the most comprehensive range of materials and services to our customers. With more than forty years active in the industry, we have products and solutions that serve all industrial sectors such as Petrochem, Chemical, Power Generation, Steel, Aluminium, Non Ferrous, Glass, Ceramics, Incineration and Offshore.

Certified Quality

Our ISO 9001:2008 certified quality assurance system, the VCA** safety management system and NEN 4400-1, make us a partner you can rely on. Add to this the right products and the best craftsmanship and all features are present for a quick and efficient installation of all your refractory, insulation and passive fire protection projects. From the smallest of deliveries to the largest installation job, Thermoheat is your guarantee for an excellent product, no matter what market or industry you are involved in.